Organizing the Holiday Decor

I got this idea from Jen over at Tattertots and Jello HERE.  

Except she was showing off her kitchen cabinet Halloween display.  And, this is a cabinet in my laundry room {after Halloween}.   I loved how her cabinet was so organized and pretty and I had every intention to do the same in my dining room cabinet.  But, that did not get done in 2012.  So, instead I organized my post- Halloween purchases for next year.

Before you see the rest, take a look at where I usually store my post- holiday purchases!

This is such a better way to see what I have before I just run out and buy stuff at the start of the season {and full price}.

Here’s my new stuff from Crate & Barrel that I got on sale.  It’s all ready for next year! I love the stripes in the mugs and the polka dots in the vase!  I see a theme in my future!

The shelf is above my dryer so I rarely used it. Too much effort for someone under 5’3.2″.  No more bubble wrap to store this stuff.

I cleared out some paint cans that I had stored in the laundry room to make room for these guys:


And, my autumn candle collection that I just can’t part with even though they are looking a little tired:


And, now I have made space for my Christmas decor. Did I mention I have some Christmas plates from Crate & Barrel on the way (clearance).



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