Freshly Painted Front Door Celebrates Autumn

front door fall 2013

One of my most viewed posts in 2013 is the evolution of my front door.  Here is my front door after we had the exterior of our home painted this summer: DSC_0157-001

And, here is my front door for the fall season! front door fall 2013

The wreath is a 5 minute makeover I posted HERE



Here’s my tired looking wicker chair. I really want to paint it, but I can’t think of a color I wouldn’t have to change every season? Any ideas? front fall porch 2

Originally I had just placed a pumpkin on top of each urn, but it looked slightly pathetic so I added a little moss. I only had the green moss, but it kinda gives it a pop of color. And, in Colorado we can have 70 degree weather into November.  porch urn 1
Hmmm…an orange door would be kinda cool for autumn! Do you think my {first} husband would notice? He’s a guy: not likely! Loving the porch!
front door fall 2013




Autumn Decor Inspiration from BH&G and Me


I love the month of November. It’s still autumn, with no competition between Halloween and Christmas. At least, not in my home.  I love the colors and pumpkins.  Here’s a few photos of inspiration from BH&G and Me. Sources noted after each photo so there is no question of which photos are from BH & G (insert sarcasm).  I love these simple acorns, but I don’t want to spend $$ to make this centerpiece when I can send my kids outside.  Sounds like a good reason to invite a 1/2 dozen of my son’s friends over to run around in the woods and “hunt” for nuts!

Elegant Candle Display with Acorns and Pearls

source: BH&G

This  glass vase is filled with corn nuts.  I like to add coffee beans to my candles because I love the smell of coffee.

Candle Display with Corn

source: BH&G

Here’s a peek into my kitchen.  Now, I know it’s hard to tell the difference between my photos and BH&G, but stay with me.. please!  And,the best part is I purchased nothing this season to add a little autumn to my decor!

autumn kitchen decor

I filled this jar with coffee beans and tilted the lid open so I can catch a scent. The coffee can was $2.00 at Hobby Lobby a few years ago.
autumn kitchen 2

Here’s a jar filled with coffee beans on the kitchen table. I love the orange color of the vase! I got this jar on clearance from Target! I love the clearance aisles at Target!
autumn table 4

This was my inspiration for my table tray above.  What is it about the simple candle on BH& G’s version? bhg photo

Source: BH& G

What are these buckets called? I snagged 2 of these last summer at a yard sale. I have painted them several colors, but I like this for autumn:


fall decor 4

And, I added a little vinyl to this bucket!  It’s this time of year my daughter tells me to stop “vinyl-izing” our home! Wonder where she gets her snarky-ness!  I think this photo is my favorite!