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Coming out of the {Blog} Closet

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This is my Coming out of the Blog Closet Post… a very rough draft describing my career path over the past eight years.  I started this summary for my LinkedIn profile.  In our house, we call this type of  draft a “sloppy copy” :

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The same year I became a licensed real estate agent, I  became a partner in a small,  family- owned medical device and manufacturing company.  To say that I was slightly overwhelmed by the prospect and responsibility of managing two growing companies is an understatement.  My children were under the age of ten, a not too-distant housing bust simmered, and a sluggish lending market for small businesses were just a few of the unforeseen  challenges!

Not one to back down from a challenge, I leveraged the flexibility and (somewhat) seasonality of my real estate business while supporting and building a medical device company in much need of social marketing campaigns, project management, new distributor relationships and niche product lines.

Both positions require strong attention to detail in a deadline driven environment, flexibility, efficiency and a sense of humor.  I have been blessed with amazing customers and clients, “who get it.”

On a whim, a dare or maybe the little voice in the back of my head,  I started a blog,  It began as an outlet to chronicle the struggles of juggling two jobs, the moving bits and pieces of a three active children and the constant angst of two parents who constantly juggle the daily management  of  “cash flow.”  My blog became a virtual “dear diary,” chronicling  our DIY projects and the decisions  we  routinely make as small business owners.  Our objective:  to do what it takes to support our kids’ academic needs, athletic interests and the health insurance costs as self-employed policy holders.  And, of course, the stress of a monthly Small Business Association (SBA) payment that adjusted between $11,000 and $15,000 over the 10 year note.  We have less than 3 years of payments.

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And, a funny thing happened along the way:  In late 2013, this little blog, my tiny corner of creativity, my therapy (taking place on a social  media platform and not on a couch) started to gain national attention from a few (kind of)  famous people and several national brands and companies.  All of which had one thing in common:  each found me and  my writing style to be honest, creative and entertaining.  For me, my blog is a great way to balance the contract driven demands of real estate and small business ownership.    And, I love it!  When you love what you do, you do what it takes!  Only 30 SBA payments!!