Cereal- It’s not just for breakfast anymore!

cereal alternatives

Do you ever just do random online searches?  I have my favorite sites that I randomly search!   One of my favorites is Better Homes & Garden so when I stumbled on alternative uses for cereal it spoke to me!  See photo below.  This is a photo of  the boxes of cereal I had on the counter during  our DIY pantry makeover… I think I might have a problem!  No, you are not seeing double.. I tend to double up ( I think it stems from my childhood and the horrible morning  discovery  that the “good cereal” was all gone!


All images below  are from Better Homes & Garden


#1: Decorate a Cake

Use nut grain cereal for a pie crust?  I can’t believe I never thought of this one!

#3: Process into Crumbs for a Crust

Ice cream topping. I have done this with Rice Krispies  (and chocolate syrup)::

#4: Top Ice Cream

Coating for chicken or fish.  I have done this before with the “bottom of the box” cereal strays. My kids love it! And, I sneak in a little ground flax seed (shhh…..)!

#5: Coat Chicken Before Oven-Frying

Do you have any suggestions for alternative uses for cereal?  Please share your ideas in the comments!!




This post was created in partnership with Quaker. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


This is the time of year when the calendar gets packed with school, sports and more time outside!   So, when I was asked to review Quaker Breakfast Shakes the timing was perfect.  I received the chocolate and strawberry flavor shakes in the mail. I stashed the bottles in the refrigerator, but these shakes don’t require it!  It’s just my preference.

First thing in the morning, my son was curious  to sample the Quaker Breakfast Shakes with me! My family is rarely this excited about breakfast!  I poured the 2 flavors into separate glasses for my son to try.   If the amount of time it took my son to finish his Quaker Breakfast shake is any indication of taste, these shakes were delicious!!  He said they tasted like a milkshake, but not as thick.  He loved the strawberry because it tasted like…. strawberries.

I am a Quaker oatmeal girl every. single. morning  so I saved the remaining shakes to try a little later in the day when my energy starts to drag!  Like clockwork, my afternoon slump hits me around 2pm.  And, I probably consume more calories between lunch and dinner than any other part of the day because I start to snack.  So I grabbed the Quaker Breakfast Shake bottles and had them for an afternoon snack. Since my son had tried the bottles in the morning, I suspect I had the equivalent of an entire bottle.  My favorite was the chocolate, but the strawberry was a close second!   The shakes were thick, but not too thick and they were really tasty and filling.

In fact, I doubled checked the nutritional value on the back of the bottle, because the shakes tasted so good!!   Quaker Breakfast Shakes contain 200 calories for an entire bottle.  Also, each shake contains 10  grams of protein and 8 grams of whole grain.  And the best part is I stayed full and didn’t continue to snack.  Yes!!

Quaker Breakfast Shakes are a convenient and easy way to start a busy, hectic morning or jump start the afternoon!  The size of the bottle conveniently fits in my tote.  And, Quaker Breakfast Shakes don’t require refrigeration, making these shakes perfect for those crazy, late to get out the door mornings!  For me, the Quaker Breakfast Shake was ideal for a convenient, no mess mid-day snack!  The bottles are convenient to grab and drink when we are rushing from school to after school activities.  It occurred to me that the Quaker Breakfast Shake’s creamy  texture would be perfect when a family member is home sick with a cold or sore throat!

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If you are like me and want more details, you can read more about Quaker Breakfast Shakes, where they are available to purchase  and the nutritional details here on the  Quaker Breakfast Shake Product Page Product Page Link.  Check it out!  Thanks!