Fisher Price Basketball Hoop On Wall {saving floor space}!

hoop on wall

I am running in a race to benefit Pancreatic Cancer (Purple Stride) so I am reposting a fun project my friend came up with for my son’s room.

My son loves to play basketball. He plays outside for hours, but still loves to shoot in his room before bed (before school, before homework, before..).  The basketball  hoop and stand took up alot of floor space and was tipping over (with his ever growing strength).  So, my girlfriend came up with this idea! She is an organizational genius!  She used a wall  mounted bracket to attach just the backboard to the wall.  Genius!  Wish I could take credit for this idea!


One of the best rewards from this project was it extended the life of this hoop. My son would have quickly outgrown the height of the hoop when it was on the floor.  Attaching it to the wall allowed us to place it much higher and extended the fun!


Summer Reading… 74 Days to Read 304 Pages….

anne frank


This is how my son’s  June 1st deadline to BEGIN READING the book,  “Diary of Anne Frank” started.  “Mom, I think you bought the wrong book.”  Me:  “Why do you say that?”  Son: “Because every page every page has a date on it and it’s the wrong date.”

anne frank

Lord, help me!  After explaining the dated pages are actually diary entries a wave of relief settled in on his face.  Or maybe it was disappointment since he is  now faced with the fact that he didn’t have a “legit” excuse  (wrong book purchased) to delay his reading assignment.

My soon to be high school freshman (boy) has two books on his summer reading list.  The first required book for his theoology class is  “Dear Bully.”

dear bully

And, I love this title for his English requirement:  “Guys Write for Guys Read.”  :

guys read

Summer is suppose to be the season where mom doesn’t have to   kids don’t have to do homework.  I’m off to catch up on my current issue of People magazine!  Don’t judge me!  laura