Funny Sunnday: First Days of School.. Front Porch Photo Fail

boys facials

What is the big deal with first day of school photos? This is what I kept asking my boys each morning during the first week of school. Last year I got the boys to pose with these cute hashtag signs from Jen over at  Tatertots & Jello.  Her children are so excited to show off their mom’s creations!  And, my children.  Not so much!!! This is last year.

7thgrade hashtag

So this year, after repeated attempts          bribes, I decided to make a substitution for my  annual FB post of my kids’ first day of school.  What do you think?   The funniest thing is my boys aren’t on FB- they quit once their mom and dad  joined and are now on Instagram. They have not seen this photo…. yet!  Lesson: Don’t mess with mama and the back to school year photo!

boys facials


Back to School Series #4: How to Organize Math Problems

graph paper

Can you believe it is the new school year!  Geez!  I am reposting this suggestion on how to better organize math problems (think columns, those annoying addition mistakes because your columns were not lined up- sorry I am having a flashback)!  Not to be confused with a hot flash- yet! Ha! This suggestion was provided to me by a high school  math teacher for my elementary age son.


One of the amazing gifts of this blog is the opportunity to pass on suggestions that have worked for our son who has dyslexia.   Now before you close this post,  this suggestion is great for ALL early math learners.
Our son tests very well in math, but in 3rd grade he was struggling with organizing his math problems.  He would either make simple computation errors because his work was sloppy or he had the correct answer but the teacher couldn’t FIND THE CORRECT ANSWER on his paper. A math teacher suggested we use large spaced graph paper. She said it might help our son organize his computations AND get him the habit of writing math problems {more} neatly.

What a difference a $3.00 purchase made!! Now he is able to see simple mistakes he makes because his work is evenly spaced and easier to read.  This is a great suggestion for all math students, but the suggestion worked great for our son with dyslexia.

I am a parent of  child with dyslexia. My dyslexic posts are to share suggestions that have worked  for our son and family.  Many of these suggestions work for al abilities!     As always, if you have questions please contact me at

Dyslexia is a cause close to my heart.