Expressions Vinyl Project


*Expressions Vinyl contributed the neon vinyl used for this project.

Last summer I posted on my blog, I’m Not a Trophy Wife, how I turned foam mat squares, often used beneath exercise equipment, into a wall display for my son’s room.

evan's foam mat

My goal was to add stickers and vinyl   incorporating my son’s interests.  So when Megan at Expression’s Vinyl  asked if I would create a vinyl project for their blog, I jumped at the chance!  It also was a great motivation because I had a deadline to get his board finished!  As soon asI saw the neon vinyl online at Expressions Vinyl  I was ready to create some great vinyl for his board!


My son is a competitive tennis player so I focused on words related to tennis!  I started with a couple of general tennis terms.


On my Silhouette Studio,   I used several fonts, but my 2 new favorites  are Bodoni and Bernard Mt. Condensed.   I increased the paper thickness setting to 20 (I usually set the thickness around 15).  I’m not sure if the increase in thickness was because of the vinyl or if it is time for me to get new blades!


I realized half way into this project I had a lot of space to cover,  so using the  scraps I created some tennis ball shapes and simple geometric lines!


There is plenty of room to continue to add vinyl!   I love how the neon vinyl pops off the blue mat!  My son actually loves it too!  How often does that happen?  BOOM!



Sony Open Spring Break 2014


Hi there- We just returned from a spring break in  Miami to see the Sony Open Tennis Tournament!


When your kids are competitive tennis players our trips tend to revolve around tournaments. Since my boys weren’t playing in the Sony Open I could just sit back and enjoy the views!  And, with Roger Federer on the court.. well, that’s a nice view!


Check out Roger’s serve: sonyrogerservesig

Center court:


And, I got this shot of Nadal warming up his serve. sonynadalservesig

My son is a lefty too so I had to do this side by side comparison: nadalerichserve

We were this close to Andy Murray warming up before his match:


And, it wouldn’t be a spring break with one or two of these:

2014-03-24 13.48.12