SNL’s Version of “Baby, it’s cold outside.”

snl image

snl image

For those of you {us} who couldn’t keep their eyes open to watch SNL’s Christmas episode with Jimmy Fallon, consider this an early  Christmas gift from I’m Not a Trophy Wife!  Merry Christmas!


Um, thanks Dad? Recycling idea for vintage Christmas lights.

vintage bulbs 1

My dad is like me. He likes to clean out the clutter.  And, since he is of the generation of recycling- I think my generation calls it up-cycling-  alright, I think my generation also calls it recycling- he doesn’t want to throw anything away.  This fall, he stopped by and unloaded several bags and boxes of what I affectionately refer to as, “Charlie Brown lights.” I don’t even know what these lights are called. We have always called them the “Charlie Brown lights.” Yep,  this year my dad  finally transitioned over to  the LED lights and for some reason he  thought I would love to have my electric bill jump by 65% during the most expensive   I mean wonderful time of year.  So, now these vintage, Charlie Brown like lights, are my problem.

vintage bulbs 1

And, in true {my} dad fashion, he didn’t bother to test the lights to see if they even worked.  Guess what? Many of them didn’t work.  But, plenty of them did (work).

vintage bulbs 2

And, then I got an idea! First,  sitting on the floor, I tackled the bags and boxes to  separate the working and nonworking lights.  After all, I do love a few of the Linus and the Gang lights around the house.  I then unscrewed all of the non-working lights and came up with this idea. Of course, I may have to sell these on Etsy (kidding) because I have so many!


I call these vintage gift tags? Or, wouldn’t these be cute party name tags? I do love a name tag at a party!


What do you think?  Thanks Dad!  I think of you everytime I pass these Charlie Brown lights!