Daughter Leaves for Florence, Italy. Sniff. Sniff

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Today we dropped our daughter off at the airport.  In a matter of hours she will be en route to Florence Italy where she will study abroad over the next 112 days. But, who is counting.  We are so excited for her adventure. We supported her goal to study abroad, because it was a decision that we, her parents, wish we had done in college.  At the same time, it is incredibly difficult to know that she is a continent away. We will keep busy with DIY projects and work!

Florence, Italy  has been trending for several years as Amanda Knox’s umpteenth trial is currently taking place in Florence.  Should I worry that she doesn’t know her 5 roommates?  They will be joining her from across the United States.  Six girls, strangers today.. sharing a small 3 room apartment. I wonder what their parents are thinking today?  It is not lost on me that she is leaving to study abroad; not to fight for our freedom as Americans.  Still, it rattles me. Will I sleep?

ashley fall 2013 crop

P.S.  Thanks to my endless projects to occupy me, this didn’t get published.  She is on week #3 and doing great!!!!!!  laura


thumbs on wheel

I’m stepping up on my soapbox.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get drivers to stop texting while driving on the road, highway, or while stopped at a traffic light or sign.  For some reason, drivers don’t count “stopped at the light” as driving.   I don’t honk if I see drivers texting because I don’t want to further distract or startle that individual (and put others at risk).  What is really disappointing (alarming) is the number of adults (moms) I see texting with kids in the back seat!  STOP!  

thumbs on wheel

So, I don’t know what to do to curb the texting drivers.  I used to be a texter at the wheel.  I would send a quit text while stopped in traffic or sitting at the light.  I did all of it and THEN  my daughter got her driver’s permit.  My texting and “let me just check this texts” stopped.  It was actually quite easy. 

How could I tell my daughter not to text when I was guilty of the same offense? I didn’t want her to copy my unsafe habits, so I made better habits.  I explained to her that there is very little we can control on the road, but choosing to wear a seat belt, choosing not to drink and choosing not to text are decisions we can choose to control. It’s that simple. 

dont text and drive

Any suggestions on how to spread the word to stop texting?  Stop texting to set a better example for our children, doesn’t appear to be working in the “real world.”  Thanks for stopping by.  I’m hopping off my soapbox now!