Sports Themed Coat Rack..


The great thing about this project is it can be tweaked for lots of sport theme interests.
The never-ending, on-going decorating of my boys bedrooms. So both of my boys are competitive tennis players so needless to say much of their free time, is spent on a court.

tennis racquet

So, they wanted their love of the sport incorporated in their rooms.
As a practical mom I want their rooms  to reflect their interests, but not to be so over the top, in the event they wake up decide they want to quit tennis and play beer pong in college!  {The reality is that an injury is more likely to sideline their love of the game}.
So when the “little boy”  soccer coat rack came down when I painted the room, I needed to replace it with another set of hooks that would “capture” their never ending supply of hats and sweatshirts.This is what my youngest son now has.

I took a scrap piece of wood from my scrap stash. I bought a 2x 4 piece of the cheesy fake grass carpet.The sales girl at the Depot was asking what type of patio I had and I told her it was for a craft project. Blank Stare. I stopped talking. It costs around $6.00.

I used a  nail gun to secure the “carpet” around the board.

I just wrapped the edges like a present.

I drilled holes into  the tennis balls and then attached them to pre-drilled screws.
I did measure from the center of the board to space the tennis balls.
It did occur to me just before I attached the board “what if the balls won’t hold the “stuff” ?  Whew!!

I love it and most importantly my son gave me the high five of approval!