Precious is NOT pronounced “pre-c-i-o-us” ..just another day in the life of a child with dyslexia.


My original goal for my blog was to share our personal experience with our son’s diagnosis of dyslexia in kindergarten.  Or should I say his first year of kindergarten.  You can read a very personal blog post and his  amazing teacher who went out on a risky limb to share with us her concerns.

So imagine our surprise when our son announced he is cured of dyslexia.  And, with an early diagnosis and intervention, in many ways he is “cured.”  But what I love about dyslexia is it is the gift that keeps on giving back…. everyday.


Dyslexia provides us with funny stories and new pronunciations of everyday words. For example, petite is now pronounced pe-tite {long e, long i, silent e) thanks to his drive through order for petite scones at Starbucks.
We have never allowed him to use dyslexia as an excuse to not finish an assignment. And, he has never asked!  He is very competitive. History test on “chapters 15-12.”  Sounds normal to me! Doesn’t everybody say it this way?  Mom what is chay os?”  “Oh, you mean, chaos?”

“What, where, when, and why” still take him a moment to recall which word to use and how to spell it!
All of these questions are learning moments.  Or, as we see it.. these questions are precious moments with our son. And, that is the best gift of all!  (Of course, the minute I used the word precious I am reminded of reviewing with him at night that words ending in “ous” sound like “us”).
I have several posts on dyslexia, from a parent’s perspective.  If you  suspect your child, grandchild, or student may have dyslexia, please  browse through the dyslexia posts as they offer “real world” examples because most kids are anything but textbooks!  And, I would be so happy if you shared this on your social media sites!

I’m Not a Trophy Wife, but I am the mother of a child with dyslexia(who I love to the moon, to Super Target and back).

Throwback Thursday Post: Dan Gutman: the power of an author on a boy who didn’t like to read books!

dan gutman books

Throwback Thursday Post: It’s a good one!

My youngest son has dyslexia.  I wrote his story here.  We are very fortunate because he was diagnosed in kindergarten.  He reads the sports section every morning.  But, finding books for a 4th grade boy is a part time job.  We learned very early in this journey NOT to focus on what he should be reading, but what he WANTS to read.  Did I mention we have had a Sports Illustrated Kids subscription since 1st grade?  The goal is to establish the pattern or habit of reading.  But, at some point, we needed to move beyond basketball players, trades, and football teams.   He needed to learn about plot, characters, content and to learn how to develop the habit of reading.  And, then we found “Big Nate”… a series by Lincoln Peirce, and the series, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” by Jeff Kinney.  But, the author that we owe so much gratitude to is Dan Gutman, the author of the series “My Weird School.”  Evan found a character, AJ,  that made him laugh out loud, who had a group of loyal friends and who thought girls were weird.  Dan Gutman’s main character, AJ, was just like my Evan.
The power of one… one author.