Dyslexia: Think Dyfferent.


Here is the public service announcement that runs in my head:
My child does not write his letters backwards.
My child excels in math.
My child is the best speller out of my three children.
My child is funny.
My child works hard for his grades.
My child can read.
My child is kind.
My child is a nationally ranked tennis player.
My child is dyslexic.
And, I love him.
I love the apple slogan ( I wish I had thought of it):
Think Different

The more you know, the more your child will thrive!
Here’s my spyn on the apple slogan:
Think Dyfferent. Dyslexia.


Dyslexia Mixslexia… “Mom it’s a cup without a bottom” – ???

prepositions of place

Oh… I love my little guy!  Listening to my son talk about his day
is like playing a game of charades.  He has all of the information and
details in his head.  It’s getting the words out that turns into
20 questions.

His words are not wrong.  It’s just he tends  to think outside the box and Evan word bank is outside and around the corner from the box.  So, “tall” may be described as “long.”  When he uses “before” he really means “after”, or mixing up the use of “that” with “what.” 

Tonight, Evan was trying to describe the type of paper cups that are used with Deep Rock Water.  He could not come up with the word “cone” to describe the type of paper cup.  He was attempting to tell us  the shape of a paper cup that he needed  for a school project (castle).   His first attempt was to describe paper cups that don’t have a “bottom.”  Hmmm….So he described the “holder” for a snow cone.  But, he never used the word “cone” to describe the shape. 

He will often start with “you know those things you use for…” and then eventually we figure it out.  It’s like a game of charades.  We always figure it out together!
As parents, the hardest part is not trying to rush him to find the word in his head. Evan has described the process as like “trying to slow down the pictures in his brain.” 

prepositions of place

So the “round-about-blessing” is that through this process Evan challenges himself to get creative with descriptions (future advertising guy, perhaps)?  Or, maybe the next spokesperson for Sham Wow!  Yikes!  Who knows.  Happy and Healthy first and foremost.