Little Blog Design Pick Me Up from Rhonda Jai !


Hi there-  I am so excited to share my new header and sidebar designs.


I had a minimal budget and big ideas.  I have used Etsy for design work on our company website (  So a quick search on Etsy for the Adorable Child theme got me to Rhonda Jai Creative & Professional  Designs.   She works with WordPress and Blogger!


I don’t think Rhonda sleeps!  I would send  her a general inquiry and I would get a response within hours!  And, this happened through a series of like 24 email exchanges (I tend to overthink things).

I ended up loving her header the best so she tweaked her Etsy  headert to make it mine and matched the sidebar widgets.  For a small fee she installed both for me. Love her!


If you are looking for a budget friendly mini lift for your blog stop by Rhonda Jai Creative & Professional Designs.



Our first laugh after Owen {our beloved dog} passed over to the Rainbow Bridge


Thank you to everyone who sent me a note about our beloved Bernese Mountain dog, Owen who passed over the Rainbow Bridge last week.  Last week was really tough. We would have moments of feeling okay and then something as mundane as unloading the dishwasher would set off the tears.  It just takes time.


So when I got a message Friday afternoon  from the veterinary office that Owen’s ashes were ready to be picked up, I had to replay the message because I started to sob.  My first thought was to wait until Monday.   But, I didn’t want Owen to “sit” in the office over the weekend (okay, I know at this point it sounds like I have crossed over to the Crazy Bridge).

So, I drove over and grabbed “him” on my way to my boys’ tennis tournament in Denver.  And, we all had a good, much needed laugh when I told the boys I had food for them in the car, “next to Owen.”  You should have seen their faces when I suggested I bring Owen into the tournament to watch them play!

I think we are starting to heal!  Thank you again!