Backyard solution for my backyard 18 x18 {doggy} litter box ?


I keep waiting for Ahmed from Yard Crashers to help me, but my tweets to him have not been retweeted.   I have profiled my back yard mess in the past, but since removing our shutters from our dining room the first thing family and friends see when they walk into our main living area is this view: :


Here’s the view from the other corner.


This space was designed by the previous owners to accommodate a play set. And, it did until  the play set slowly  rotted away (literally).  We  are now left with an 18×18 space that our dogs now deem their own private dog park to do their business and then some!  Ugh!  And, yes I see the carved bear in the “park.”  Even the bear has his back turned to the disaster zone!

Last summer we had 3 estimates to address this mess and all three bids were about $10,000 over our budget!  And, this is a project that gets pushed to the back of the line every time there is an “unscheduled expense.”  As spring kicks into gear  I am looking for cheaper, temporary solutions until we have the cash to create the space we really want.  Or, until Ahmed gets my tweets and shows up in our driveway!

Here is the inspiration from Pinterest  that got me thinking I could actually do this- by myself!  How hard can it be?



What do you think?  Does anyone know how to pull up the rail road tie bolts?


Very, very last minute outdoor autumn decor… like minutes!

backyard decor

backyard decor

I have 20 family members coming to Thanksgiving on Thursday!  And, I have jury duty on Tuesday! Yay me!  So I almost blew off my blog for the week…actually.. I saved this in my “Fall 2014″folder.  But maybe one person will be inspired!  Here is my milk can I bought last year at a tag sale. It most recently looked like this: DSC_0038

And, with a fresh coat of paint and some tall grassed cut back with kitchen scissors I came up with this last minute fall décor:

last minute fall decor 3

I am embarrassed (slightly) to admit I had a bale of hay from LAST year hiding out in the corner of the yard. I dragged it around to the back patio and added a few pumpkins from the front:


And, I tossed a few smaller pie pumpkins into a planter outside my kitchen window:

last minute pumpkins