Blueberry Breakfast on the Go

breakfast2 go3.1

Hi there- Anyone failing or falling behind on the back to school year promises of a home cooked  breakfast everyday!  After 4 days my boys were grabbing cereal and a juice box.  This is a part of my breakfast everyday.


My Go-To Breakfast is made with dry oatmeal, Greek yogurt, blueberries and a sprinkle of chopped nuts.  Chopped nuts stretches the caloric count because well they are chopped.


So I made an assembly line for the week and stuck them in the refrigerator. They were a hit with one of my boys and the best part is they stayed fresh for 3+ days.

breakfast2 go3.1

Breakfast that you can eat on the go and it is packed with protein!  I’m full until lunch! Which rarely happens! And, to think a year ago I couldn’t stand the taste of Greek yogurt!




Strawberry Love & Favorite Kitchen Gadget


Hi everyone- Our family loves strawberries! And, it’s a rarity when the entire family likes the same thing!


And, what do we all love as much as strawberries?  The fun kitchen stuff at Crate & Barrel.  Yep, even my boys love checking out the gadgets. Some of you may have seen on my FB page last winter my iPhone pics of my Christmas wish list at Crate & Barrel.  I texted it directly to my kids’ phones {and their dad}!

So when I found these berry basket and the strawberry huller  at my Crate and Barrel, it was a match made in a strawberry patch. Get it?




Here’s a link the strawberry huller.

P.S.  These gadgets make great stocking stuffers: Christmas is less than 5 months away!