My son’s blankie.. emergency surgery for this 12 year old blankie!


All three of my children, who are in double digits now, have their childhood blankies….  in their beds.  My daughter, who is studying abroad, made sure to pack her blankie in her suitcase. It made me smile.  Her blankie was a gift from her great aunt.  My sons’ Gymoboree blankies were gifts from my girlfriends.    Here is my son’s blankie… 12 years later!  It is loved.


It is also falling apart- literally.  After every wash, it just leaves pieces of itself in the dryer.    I got out the sewing machine and assessed the situation:


I started sewing and quickly realized the sewing needle was only making it worse.  More holes, more shredding!


I decided I needed to “bind” the blankie to a more solid piece of fabric.  I decided to sacrifice one of my {first} husband’s new  t-shirts because it was almost as soft as his blankie.


It’s not the prettiest job, but I hope it buys a little more time!  What have you done to salvage your child’s childhood blankies?


Follow up:  I gave this to my son with mixed reactions.  I asked if he would like a new Gymboree blankie, thinking he would roll his eyes, but he didn’t.  So I ordered a new blankie for my 12 year old son!!!!  Wait until he finds that in his Easter basket!  Yes, I will be that mom that still makes Easter baskets when they are in their 20′s! Is that creepy?


Accessories for a Tween Boy’s Room for Under $100

evan's foam finger

It’s done! After multiple negotiations makeovers and tweaks my son’s room is done!  Here is the finished room. For the details on this before and after click HERE.  On a side note, the hardest part of this project is reconciling my wish for a Pottery Barn  room with the reality that my son wants a “cool” room.  I should be grateful that he isn’t pushing for a budget buster room.  This is a labor of love to give him what he wants, minimize his “collections” that only middle school boys can harbor and minimalize the furniture in a small room.  I think we got this!  And, yes, check out Nadal in the corner. He is the first and last person I see each morning and night when I check on my son!  Well, unless you count my {first} husband. Wink. Wink!

evans room wide image And here is another angle: evan's room image wide 2 The bed purchase was the anchor for the room. The built in storage meant we could clear out the clutter that all boys collect.  And, I got to searching for a few accessories.  The bed was the big purchase (we bought an identical one for our other son), so my budget was tight! I recycled this craft project. It was formerly a grass covered coat wracked. 042 It was spared the trash when I realized it was a great place to set his favorite sport balls without them rolling off the bookcase: evan's room image 3 I framed this popular photo from Google Images (free) and put it in a frame. I gave one to each of my tennis playing kids for their rooms! evan's room When I saw this lamp at IKEA I knew I had to buy it. If I had known it required assembly I may have kept walking.  I am “mechanically challenged” so this took me more time than I care to admit. I love it and it is my son’s favorite lamp!  You can find the lamp HEREevans lamp Okay, this next find is from a store my sister refers to as the “crack house.”  She calls it the crack house, because I just have to go back- just this once!   And, she always calls when I am within 100 feet of this store (parking lot).  But, for $14.99 I had to add this little bean bag cube.   Another son favorite: evan's cube

Ii have blogged about this headboard HERE. I am in the process of adding vinyl to it!  After recent reports about the use of foam mats in over 500 foods we eat, I hope this doesn’t make my son hungry!  That’s crazy!

evan's foam mat

I would like to thank Miley for  ruining this formerly-innocent …… evan's foam finger

This concludes the 2 1/2 year saga of trying to update my son’s room.