2 Minute Tips on Tuesday {even though it’s Wednesday}


The story of my life is written in my calendar and to-do list.  Some days the only item I cross off my list is “shower.”   Organizational experts suggest breaking down tasks into  smaller ones. The idea being that if you {meaning myself} can break it down, an individual {me}  will obviously not feel so overwhelmed.  Okay, except the list itself can send me into a full blow panic attack on a Sunday night!    Stay with me!

With the autumn season pushing against the front door, I thought I would share 2 quick DIY  fixes when you racing against the clock AND you must get your fall décor out because that is a right of passage!


Tip #1 : Adding shoe or unused boxes, wrapped in craft paper, to add height or I like to call it “volume.” Boxes for décor  are like volumizer for your roots!  It’s quick and easy and with boxes stacked in my closet for a “rainy day” why not use what I have to bulk up my décor!


2 Minute Tip #2: pinch clips to get a strong grip on ribbon or fabric. This is useful for wreaths, quick fabric changes that can’t wait for the iron on adhesive strips or gasp a sewing machine!

That’s it! 2 Minute Tips Tuesday!  Just curious how many started singing the theme song from Frozen after you read the first sentence?




Back to School Series #4: How to Organize Math Problems

graph paper

Can you believe it is the new school year!  Geez!  I am reposting this suggestion on how to better organize math problems (think columns, those annoying addition mistakes because your columns were not lined up- sorry I am having a flashback)!  Not to be confused with a hot flash- yet! Ha! This suggestion was provided to me by a high school  math teacher for my elementary age son.


One of the amazing gifts of this blog is the opportunity to pass on suggestions that have worked for our son who has dyslexia.   Now before you close this post,  this suggestion is great for ALL early math learners.
Our son tests very well in math, but in 3rd grade he was struggling with organizing his math problems.  He would either make simple computation errors because his work was sloppy or he had the correct answer but the teacher couldn’t FIND THE CORRECT ANSWER on his paper. A math teacher suggested we use large spaced graph paper. She said it might help our son organize his computations AND get him the habit of writing math problems {more} neatly.

What a difference a $3.00 purchase made!! Now he is able to see simple mistakes he makes because his work is evenly spaced and easier to read.  This is a great suggestion for all math students, but the suggestion worked great for our son with dyslexia.

I am a parent of  child with dyslexia. My dyslexic posts are to share suggestions that have worked  for our son and family.  Many of these suggestions work for al abilities!     As always, if you have questions please contact me at laura@imnotatrophywife.com.

Dyslexia is a cause close to my heart.