Earth Day… start with one small change


Happy Earth Day!  For the past several years I have made SMALL changes in how I try to reduce or reuse “STUFF.”  I  don’t have a political reason behind my decision or theory about global warming, I just think recycling- like my grandparents and parents’ generation- makes sense.    I think for me the image of the floating island of plastic in the Atlantic ocean was enough for me to try and start with plastic bags.



Sidenote: I love the Athleta shopping bags! They are large and sturdy!  They hold a lot of groceries!

It started as a game with myself. Yes, I am that competitive that I have to compete against myself with  the # of  bags I have to use!   If I leave  my recycle bags in my car I  force myself to use as few bags as possible to get my haul of groceries to the car.  Now it’s just the end goal: use as few plastic bags as possible.

Here is the visual:


And, now when I checkout I just tell the baggers  not to bag any liquids or anything already in a plastic bag (think potatoes, bags of chips).  And, yes I am making a few extra trips from the car to the kitchen, but I look at it like extra steps for my 10,000 steps a day! And, think about it, how many bags of chips fit in one plastic bag? Maybe 2?  Well I can carry a dozen items with my arms and hands without extra plastic  bags!  I use my Athleta bags to bag  jars, meats, small items.

Here’s one more suggestion.  How many of you have dogs?  With two dogs we go through 1 large bag of Nature’s Recipe Vegetarian ever 3-4 weeks – depending on on how many “bonus meals” the dogs get when we forget to announce the dogs were already fed!   Those bonus meals are like a buffet for my Bernese Mountain dog!    I use the empty bag to stuff with yard debris.  This is Tanner, our Australian Shepherd.


What creative ways are you recycling?


LOVE! My auto sensor pantry light!


Hi everyone- Let me acknowledge that this idea was my {first} husband’s suggestion. And, when I first heard him mention it I was like, “Yeah, that sounds great… don’t forget to pick up primer at the Depot.”  So the last phase of our pantry makeover project  was the installation of this:


This is an auto motion sensor light and is manufactured by Leviton.  We found it at Home Depot and the entire family loves it.  It detects any motion in the pantry so just one foot,  hand or a box of cereal triggers the light to turn on.  It allows you to adjust the length of time before it shuts off.  Easy installation.  We purchased a basic for around $15.00, here is a link to the different options. 


I think this would be a great addition to the closets and bathrooms of senior citizens or people who rely on wheelchairs or walkers.  It’s essentially a hands free device for your house!!

** I was not compensated to write this post, I just LOVE IT!


And, here’s our pantry project if you missed it!