Quick Painting Tip


Here’s quick painting tip with only one picture!   This is perfect when doing touchups or switching between multiple paint colors. In my case, I was using primer and a high gloss white. This saved me time on cleanup. It’s the same concept of using multiple frosting bags.  I grabbed this handled paint bucket from Home Depot and just switched my bags in and out of it as I alternated between paint colors.  Please share your painting tips in comments!




Earth Day… start with one small change


Happy Earth Day!  For the past several years I have made SMALL changes in how I try to reduce or reuse “STUFF.”  I  don’t have a political reason behind my decision or theory about global warming, I just think recycling- like my grandparents and parents’ generation- makes sense.    I think for me the image of the floating island of plastic in the Atlantic ocean was enough for me to try and start with plastic bags.



Sidenote: I love the Athleta shopping bags! They are large and sturdy!  They hold a lot of groceries!

It started as a game with myself. Yes, I am that competitive that I have to compete against myself with  the # of  bags I have to use!   If I leave  my recycle bags in my car I  force myself to use as few bags as possible to get my haul of groceries to the car.  Now it’s just the end goal: use as few plastic bags as possible.

Here is the visual:


And, now when I checkout I just tell the baggers  not to bag any liquids or anything already in a plastic bag (think potatoes, bags of chips).  And, yes I am making a few extra trips from the car to the kitchen, but I look at it like extra steps for my 10,000 steps a day! And, think about it, how many bags of chips fit in one plastic bag? Maybe 2?  Well I can carry a dozen items with my arms and hands without extra plastic  bags!  I use my Athleta bags to bag  jars, meats, small items.

Here’s one more suggestion.  How many of you have dogs?  With two dogs we go through 1 large bag of Nature’s Recipe Vegetarian ever 3-4 weeks – depending on on how many “bonus meals” the dogs get when we forget to announce the dogs were already fed!   Those bonus meals are like a buffet for my Bernese Mountain dog!    I use the empty bag to stuff with yard debris.  This is Tanner, our Australian Shepherd.


What creative ways are you recycling?