Tennis Cookies {not Lululemon Cookies}

tennis ball close up 6

I spent last weekend and several 4 am mornings with a cup of coffee in my left hand and a frosting bag in my right.   tennis balls 4 I had committed to several functions to bring dessert and all 3 functions were tennis related! So I decided to make tennis ball sugar cookies  like the ones I found over at  THE DECORATED COOKIE last spring:

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My most recent attempt at making tennis ball sugar cookies ended with this:DSC_0008-006 It’s safe to say the bar was set pretty low after this debacle!  So with 3 events quickly approaching and a couple pounds of sugar cookies I got to work.  Here is what I found to be the best size for a mini tennis ball. I don’t recommend using it for liquid courage before frosting 137 mini tennis balls!   tennis ball cookie cutter
I was feeling pretty good when I successfully finished the “base” coat of frosting on these 137 sugar cookies:
tennis balls 2

I made the  icing to make the swirly lines on a tennis ball. I started with white icing,  but switched to black icing to give them a little more pop:  tennis ball close up 6

I was feeling pretty good… until my boys came down and said, “Mom, why did you make Lululemon cookies?” Um… I’m not sure if I was more impressed that my boys recognized the Lululemon logo or frustrated that they didn’t think they looked like tennis balls. (Remember they have an older sister who is a label snob- she can do that right now because she doesn’t pay a mortgage or tuition).  I will let you decide:
Lululemon logo:

lululemon logo


So if this last photo looks a little different I added a few cookies with the “parenthesis” on the edges as instructed by my boys… the cookie bosses!  Where’s that shot glass?!

tennis ball close up 6



My sister told me I need new material….


My sister was my first follower.  Blog Follower.  Actually, this is not true. She can’t bother herself to actually “follow” me, but she logs in and checks out my posts when she doesn’t want to grade 8th grade English papers.  Yep, she thinks of my blog when she is avoiding her least favorite school related task.. grading 75 essays of The Other Earth (can’t remember the title, but it has the word “earth in it).

Lately, my sista is dropping subtle hints that I need new  material.  And by subtle I mean she told me I need new {blog} material.  Last week she suggested I recreate  the many  ideas on my Pinterest boards. I  took her not so subtle hints and  I started with this inspiration from The Decorated Cookie.

77e3dece30418e80c85abed44bfb4b3d (2)

I have made some cute cookies in the past.  I made these tennis ball cookies a few years ago for my daughter’s tennis “team building” party.  I don’t think my cookies made it out of her car.  I think these cookies were the first thing I pinned on Pinterest.  tennis balls


So this year for my son’s birthday I thought it would be fun to make tennis ball cookies and at a little spin… get it – a little spin?  I wanted to surprise him and have him take them to school on Friday. I was off to a great start with the cookie dough ready to go, when I couldn’t find the circle cookie cutter.  Well like all resourceful women,  I used the next best thing:
























I baked a few dozen cookies and prepared the icing as I waited for the cookies to cool. I had my cute little icing bottles and outlined the edges in yellow. I learned from Bridget over at Bake at 350 to “pool” the icing inside the center. Well, it pooled all right: DSC_0009


DSC_0008 In the interest of salvaging my tennis ball cookies, while no one was looking, I  dipped the sugar cookie in the puddle:


This is one of the 4547 reasons I am not a trophy wife. I just wish I hadn’t outlined the edges. I think this is the way to frost cookies ladies. Next time I will skip the outline and just pool the icing on a plate.  I will call it “puddle on the plate.” Thanks for the inspiration over the Decorated Cookie. So much for new material….


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