How to add a “print here” link within a post.. great for recipes.

google docs print page

I am in love with this feature on Google Docs.  I finally figured out how to add a “print here” link within my blog posts that takes viewers to the page with a specific document (recipe) to print ( and not have to print the entire blog post or write the recipe down).

This is my first tutorial using the screen saver images, so be patient. If  you have any questions, I will be happy to walk you through it (and later tweak this tutorial)!  So here it goes:

1. Google “google docs” .  The screen shot below shows the main page to Google Docs. Click on the  “more” tab at top of page.  I circled it in shot below.

2.Click the “More” tab and scroll down to bottom and click “Even More.”  Scroll down to under “Home and Office” and click on “Sites”:

3. Now, you should be on the Sites page.  You have option to create a site. You can see I have two sites. One for printables and one for recipes.  Once you create a site, you will just click on that site at this page. So I click on my “not a trophy wife is in the kitchen.”

4.  From here you can add new pages (recipes).  You can see my list on the left of all the recipes I have created and used the “print” option within my posts.  It works like a word doc so you can adjust font, edit etc.  Click save!

5. After you finish typing your recipe click save and then scroll to very bottom of page and click the “print page” tab.

6.  It will then generate the ready to print URL at the top of your search bar.  Copy and paste this URL (it’s long) and then link it to your “PRINT HERE”  text within your blog post.  (once you copy this URL go back to your blog post, highlight the  “PRINT HERE” text (or whatever text you want to name it)  and then click the “link” tab at the top of your blog post and then paste the GOOGLE DOCS GENERATED RECIPE URL.  You are done!

This is how it will look within your post:






Pardon the mess… I’m Not a Trophy Wife is getting a little nip/tuck!

INATW blog header 2012

My blog, I’m Not a Trophy wife is getting tweaked.. a little nip/tuck!  Yay!!!!

Gwen over at THIS BOLD GIRL has worked with me on my successful migration to wordpress. She continues to work with me on the design of I’m Not a Trophy Wife blog.  I told her working with me is “job security” during the holidays!!!