Curtains in Lieu of Doors

Hi everyone:

A couple of weeks ago I posted this before and after entry project. It’s the entrance off the garage and it becomes the place where all the homeless by choice crap migrates! It’s such a buzz kill to walk into this space. Even our dogs don’t want to hang out here! Here is the original post.


This space also is my husband’s home office. Behind the closet door is this fun work station:

But after about 2 days it became apparent that if we could see him, he could see us and it was a bit of distraction when he was buried in contracts. He actually suggested this solution and I was like, “that’s going to look tacky.” Supportive spouse right here! But, I listened and thought his office is about 1/10th the size of mine….. This is the true definition of spousal support! Ha!

Here’s is the window treatment/curtain instant door solution. Ignore all the patched holes on the wall.

And, here is the other side of the window treatment! We got the hardware and the window treatment from IKEA. This project took less than an hour! Loving it!!

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