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Hey, girls (and guys- I have a few)~ Happy Friday. Today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day!  My brother-in-law is an anchor in Knoxville, covering the story live from France!  He is posting some amazing photos and tributes on his Facebook page.

My daughter is settled in at school for her summer internship in Omaha.  She is living in an on-campus apartment with 3 other girlfriends!  It is a new building and new furniture! It’s pretty much a dorm, but she corrects me every time I use the “d” word.  The best thing is the security is awesome with key card access at 4 points of contact between the front doors and her apartment door!  She is having fun because with only one online class she is basically homework free!

My boys are gearing up for a sectional tennis tournament in Denver so they are on the courts this week getting ready, working out the serves, and stringing racquets!

Heather from Woods of Bell Trees is my co-host this month!

Heather has a background in Opera and the Arts.  She works as a writer (and I’m guessing editor) for a leading gardening company!  I need her skills!  I met Heather through her comments! Heather’s friendly, thoughtful comments EVERY.SINGLE.WEEK. It just made me smile!  So I was thrilled when she emailed me about co-hosting!

I must add that it’s because of the comments I receive each week, that I make more of an effort to leave thoughtful comments!  And, sometimes to ask others to join my Friday Favorites!

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I am a housewife living in the countryside, with a love for butter, German Shepherds, and Mary Martin.

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