Do you suffer from the 4 syllable “C” word… Constipation?

New years resolutions. Here is a simple one and it will change your life.. or at least your digestive system. It’s no gimmick, it’s found in the baking aisle at any grocery store and it takes minutes to prepare!

This is not your mama’s oatmeal. With adding 2 tablespoons of ground flax seed to your oatmeal you get closer to the 21 grams of fiber recommended by dieticians and physicians. I made this simple change when I had the “oh so lovely 4 syllable “C” word… constipation. Between dehydration and stress, it happens to even us active girls. And, as my gastroenterologist pointed out (I am a BIT of a hypochondriac so of course I went straight to a specialist- and paid the higher fee).

Now, obviously you have to be diligent to rule out any serious medical conditions. I actually had a colonoscopy at the age of 38 because my {first} husband who is older had one at 43 and I knew I would worry until I had my own. It was our anniversary gift to each other!

According to my gastroenterologist, the daily recommended amount of fiber is roughly 21 grams. He said it is virtually impossible to get this amount from greens and beans for most people. He also believes that the best way to get is NOT with pills and supplements. His recommendation: 2-3 tablespoons of ground flax seed every morning. He suggested, as he does, to put it in yogurt or oatmeal every morning.

Within 18 hours I was feeling better. I had tried the fiber mix-ins and that was not working and you never knew when it was going to “kick in” or “out.” Sorry, but I never thought I would be writing about the 4 sylablle “C” word.

I shared this with my general practioner that if every doctor prescribed 2 tablespoons a flax seed a day the entire country would start feeling better and the healthcare savings to treat constipation would be exponential. I also shared this suggestion with my OB/GYN and she was like, “I need this stuff.”

I buy the coffee size bag of ground flax seed. I made the mistake of buying the whole flax seeds and that was little too “seedy.” And, just so you don’t judge me and call me an oatmeal loving trophy wife.. I hate oatmeal. I hate the texture and the taste, but I love keeping my digestive track moving along so I eat it 6 days a week. Usually seven days.

Let me know how you are feeling in a month!

By Laura

I am a housewife living in the countryside, with a love for butter, German Shepherds, and Mary Martin.

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