I stink at growing anything that requires dirt, water, and oxygen.  I have spent dozens of dollars buying herbs and watching them slowly die in my kitchen window or in a designated “garden.”  I didn’t even attempt to grow herbs this year until I went to Kroger last weekend. On my way into the store for a “few items,” I double-backed after I passed this sorry-looking rosemary plant.  I mean, it looked half dead, needles falling. It was a Charlie Brown looking Christmas tree.  Since it was on clearance I didn’t have much to lose: it was drying out fairly quickly and I decided I was halfway there to having dried rosemary!

A pure coincidence was passing these Ball Culinary Herb Series Dry Herb Jars (this is not a paid endorsement) in the baking aisle. What is it about those dang Ball jars! They are too cute.   And, I thought why not merge the ball jars with the (clearance-priced) rosemary plant? 

Here are the directions for drying herbs: **

  1. Wash herbs with a fine mist sprayer and pat dry with paper towel to remove dirt.
  2. Tie herbs into small bundles with baker’s string. Each bundle should contain no more than 10 stems.
  3. Hang bundles in a dry, dark and warm (not humid) place with good ventilation.
  4. Dry herbs for 1-3 weeks or until leaves crush easily between fingers.

Directions Storing Herbs:

  1. Keep leaves whole or crushed.
  2. Place whole or crushed herbs in jars.
  3. Store in pantry or spice drawer up to 1 year

What are you going to try to store or can this season?

By Laura

I am a housewife living in the countryside, with a love for butter, German Shepherds, and Mary Martin.

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