Son’s Room Before and After

This summer my tween son said, “Mom, I need a big boy bed.” Okay, now before images form in your heads of my 12 year old son sleeping in a crib, he was referring to not having an official bedroom set. I have shared several of his room updates, but none of them addressed his mix-matched bedroom furniture. And, given that they had zero comments, none of the updates were that fabulous! In fact, they were more like ghetto-fabulous! Here’s the most recent makeover:

But the room is small at best and the bed sorta centered on the wall took up too much space! So this past November I found this bed.

The ”headboard” centered on the length of the bed was perfect. I actually bought 2 beds (one for each son). The bed frame included built in shelves and storage underneath through that little door in the corner at the end of the bed.

I have talked about this former exercise foam squares turned headboard before, but now it is a feature wall piece. When we moved the bed against the window I no longer needed this headboard.

Here’s the opposite wall. It’s difficult to make a boy’s “study area” neat and tidy! And, the phone finger has to go!

More to come on the accessories I used, but this room is done!

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