New Window Treatments for the Kitchen {in half the time}

My daughter left for college this fall and I am trying to keep busy (between real estate clients, 2 boys with homework and after school activities I am also motivated to try and make some changes before she comes home for the holidays. Am I afraid she will see the new projects on my blog, you ask? I have joked that I don’t think she knows I have a blog. So, I took a look at my valances and realized they were “so 2005″ and needed to be updated! They are still in good condition, but I am over my red accessories. So the red had to go!

A quick trip to Joanne’s and I found this Waverly print (and it was 50% off). Confession: I am a little out of my league in the fabric department, but after a 2nd trip I felt confident (enough) to order 4 yards for 5 window treatments. I loved the fresh, bright color of the green. I took home these two swatches.

I am in love! I love the fresh, brighter look of this pattern. Against the black hardware the curtains pop! Ready for spring!

I have a total of 5 windows in my kitchen.

Look at those crisp hem lines. Here’s the secret… no sew hem tape and an iron: Just cut, place along the edge and iron. Saved me sooo much time and because these window treatments are not in a high traffic area it is not likely to fray (I wish this stuff worked as well on my denim jeans).

Love these! Thanks for stopping by and I love all of your comments.

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