Pallets make great storage for scrap wood

What is so crazy about this idea is the solution has been in front of me for MONTHS! I snagged a few pallets last summer with visions of creative genius. I’m still waiting. I had a ton of scrap wood and lumber that were precariously placed against the garage walls and in storage tubs. Not the brightest idea. Coincidentally, I also had to replace two tires because 2 nails and a screw in each. I am convinced the nails came from the scraps of wood that were within 2 feet of my tires. That was an expensive lesson. I had to get the wood off the floor.

So I decided to use the pallets to store my wood scraps. I placed the pallets behind the garbage cans and got to sorting the wood. I loved it within 30 seconds of starting because I could see the various lengths, the amounts and the pallet was using vertical space instead of valuable horizontal space (ie: the garage floor).

The pallets are not the coolest {or prettiest} storage ideas, but they totally work. And, it is in my thrifty budget for 2013! Now I just need to snag some more pallets and wait for my creative genius side to kick into gear.

By Laura

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