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I thought something horrible had happened; like the cable went out. This was my first thought when my {first} husband, looking completely exasperated, rushes into our bedroom the other night, having just returned from Utah for a tennis tournament. This is a guy who never gets rattled, but clearly something was unsettling him. It NEVER occurred to me that he would question my latest Pottery Barn, Pinterest, modge podge inspired project.

While catching his breath (insert subtle passive-aggressive observation) he asks “why is our clock covered in pages from a dictionary?” And, I was thinking, “Um… because newspaper and Modge Podge is all over Pinterest!” And, this is my justification for just about every project idea! If it’s on Pinterest it must be legit!

Just another day in the life of a DIY blogger! My husband also was not initially excited about my barn door project (and that is the 2nd most popular post I have written)! And, this is what I was working with… I picked it up at a garage sale for $20.00 bucks. Since I have eliminated the RED accessories over the past two years… I knew this clock was the chosen one for the makeover.

My initial intention was to just get rid of the red paint and gold trim.. to lighten it up. I taped it up and added primer. And, then I got this crazy idea.

I grabbed a dictionary and started ripping out pages. I found a bottle Modge Podge and just and started to glue random pages to the clock. Rip it and paste it! Rip it and paste it. Repeat.

At first I was thinking this was an epic fail, but as I glanced around the edges it started looking like it might work. And, I started getting excited!

Here is the finished clock!

I love it! And, now it’s on Pinterest so it must be legit! Do me a favor and Pin this please! I’m off to create a Pinterest account for my {first} husband!

By Laura

I am a housewife living in the countryside, with a love for butter, German Shepherds, and Mary Martin.

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