What is it about a mason jar? They just provide unlimited packaging ideas! I think the world would be a happier place if we used more mason jars and less plastic! This weekend we got a much needed moisture packed spring snow storm. And, instead of shoveling, I started to rummage around and found a stash of mason jars and an unopened package of grass… I mean moss (in Colorado you have to clarify).

I am putting together an Easter care package for our daughter in college and wanted to send her something that was easy to ship. I grabbed some loose moss leftover from my moss addiction and threw in some chocolate eggs into my mason jars. What completes the look is the grass that I affixed to the top of the mason jar lid. It’s Easter in a jar!

I think this is a cute packaging idea. You could add cookies or any other treat. Perfect for teachers, neighbors or my daughter and her roommate.

Everything looks better in a mason jar, right?

By Laura

I am a housewife living in the countryside, with a love for butter, German Shepherds, and Mary Martin.

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