File Cabinet Makeover: Before, Before and After

Hi there- Here is the evolution of a filing cabinet. It was originally the blond “ash” veneer wood that screams {circa} 1995. It was very contemporary and I am rarely on trend (just ask my daughter)! I almost sold this in a garage sale just because the color (and cabinet pulls) were so wrong for the look I wanted for my office makeover (I am in year 2 of my makeover- my office… not my personal makeover- that’s an ongoing makeover (ask my daughter).

Here is the original makeover the file cabinet post. It’s amazing what paint can do to change a look. I primed, painted and added new hardware. The hardware below is from Home Depot. I have since found other hardware options online (for less).

The updated hardware made a HUGE difference! Here was the finished cabinet up until about a month ago:

And then I recently started a makeover on my office. It still is a work in progress. It started when I bought a new desk from Pottery Barn. I bought the floor model and got a great deal. Did you know Pottery Barn keeps a list of customers interested in floor models (with deep discounts) ? Neither did I.

The makeover included new paint (the same color as my dining room) and the freshly painted walls just screamed to have lighter furniture.

Here is the updated filing cabinet. I decided to keep the cabinet pulls.

I love the lighter look!

Here is a sneak peak at my home office makeover. Here is the DIY bulletin board with the details of the oversized templates. The tiny photo of two of my children on the shelf was taken the morning of 9/11. It was my son’s first day of preschool. This photo holds a special place in my heart.

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