Milk Can Transformation

I found this milk can at a yard sale a few years ago. I dragged it home where my {first} husband expressed concern that I might be exhibiting signs of hoarder-ness. He likes new! He doesn’t like the idea of someone else’s stuff taking up space in our home. So I did what I do with most of the “used” stuff I find at an occasional garage sale: I stored it in the garage! Duh! How many of you are old enough to use the expression, “no-duh?” Just asking!

So when I cleared out the garage last summer, I painted it and stuck some dead Aspen tree branches in it and called it good! Here is that post. Here is what it look liked last year in our back yard!

I love it! Here’s the funny thing- I’m still not sure where I am putting this, but I love how it turned out! Right now, it’s feeling comfortable with all of the other vertically challenged accessories in my family room!

By Laura

I am a housewife living in the countryside, with a love for butter, German Shepherds, and Mary Martin.

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