Tutorial: How to paint 26 cabinet pulls in seconds!!!

I wanted a quick change in the laundry room. I had the original chrome pulls.. actually… these chrome pulls are updates from the original brassy finish. I know, I know… #suburbanmomprobs” is what my son would call this post .

And I found these egg knob pulls over at Classic Door Hardware . The egg shape was fun and different. They ended up being a little smaller than I expected, but I still liked the shape and I had already torn open all 26+ packages to make the quick change! Quick change should have been my first clue that this was going to take more time!

What is it when you have a 180 second change, something always goes wrong? So I installed them and not one person in my family noticed. Not One Family Member! But, the oil rubbed bronze finish was bugging me. I have ORB handles which we switched out over the course of a year, but they look more black- which apparently I like more than this ORB finish. So I take one off, and happen to have Krylon black flat finish. I did a quick test and I loved the look. Now, with 26+ knobs in a busy corner of the house, I needed a way to get these done efficiently. I came up with this solution:

Using a pen, I punched holes in the bottom of a box, placed the toothpicks in the holes and added the pulls on top! Assembly style:

Mission Accomplished. Here’s the finished look:

And, still no ONE in the family has noticed the new hardware pulls! Yep, #suburbanmomprobs!

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